Photoquest “Team’s values”

Формат: Creative teambuilding training in English
Тренер: Vlad Chumachenko


General concept of training


Training combines three elements:

  • Communicative and cognitive;
  • Creative;
  • Active;

The first element - communicative and cognitive - is implemented in the classroom, where participants will receive a general knowledge of the laws of the team development. This knowledge prompts reflection on peculiarities of cooperation and of "give & take" balance.

The second and the third elements are implemented in the format of creative photo-quest.


Training provides opportunities to:

  • Refresh interpersonal relationships;
  • To let through yourself meaning of important, but for majority abstract concepts of responsibility, trust, and partnership;
  • To creatively express these concepts;
  • To present them to others.


Each participant has the opportunity to solve this task from different perspectives: a model, a director of group scenes, or a photographer.

Participants are not limited by any frames of genre or plot. From the training perspective any vision through the lens of photo-art is interesting and valuable. 

To help participants to solve creative tasks with each works the master – famous, experienced and award-winning photographer.


Duration of training: 3 - 4 hours.

Host team:

  • Business trainer
  • Photo masters
  • Instrustors


For more details about training please contact us.