Teambuilding - The Day of Team

Формат: One-day active training
Тренер: Vlad Chumachenko

Among the key objectives of the training are – forming relationships based on trust and responsibility, fostering culture of cooperation, mutual support, personal responsibility for the common result, and inspiration to challenge new targets.

Duration of training: 6-8 hours


The training is built on the proportion:

Such proportion allows to involve each participant, to increase motivation for teamwork, and to provide a positive experience of the teamwork.


The concept of the training

  • Training "The Day of Team" can be carried out for single-level groups as well as for multi-level groups that consist of different levels of staff positions and areas of responsibility  (in other words: from drivers to top managers).
  • The event is held in a spacious hall / auditorium.
  • Some exercises may be held outdoors (in terms of good weather).
  • Training is built on solving active tasks which require from teams of participants sharing a variety of resources - intellectual, communicative, strong-willed, physical, etc.
  • Participants are divided into teams, the composition of which may vary.


For each team is assigned an instructor, who monitors the dynamics of the group, and involvement of the participants. Together with leading trainer and instructors of other teams, the instructor provides integrity of the course and gives attention to each participant.

The event combines an interesting with useful, active forms of training with learning games.

The training can be carried out with an emphasis in learning, as well as in the format of an active and useful holiday (or as part of the holiday). It allows not only to acquire knowledge, but also the “emotional charge”.


Why this training really works?

  • Development of a group or team is divided on three main areas: natural, instrumental and socio-emotional. Didactic training objectives, focus on one or another side of team’s life – define the methodology of work with the team.
  • The main objective of this training is a combination of the task of obtaining the knowledge, skills and “emotional charge”, which is expressed in the formation of "team spirit", in other words - fostering attitudes and commitment to the team.
  • The external component – is the number of games and exercises, the solution of which requires a group to share a variety of resources - intellectual, communicative, strong-willed, physical, etc.
  • The group is supposed to solve game problems and overcome obstacles complexity of which varies. It helps to create conditions for sharing feelings and emotionally rich experience.
  • During training participants develop while learning teambuilding processes "from within", based on their personal experience.


The expected results of the training

  • Effective engagement of employees of different levels, through the development of communication in a “common language” and understanding of common goals and values;
  • Increased personal responsibility for the final result of the team;
  • Awareness of the relationship between personal efficiency and success of the group;
  • Participants of the training apply learned knowledge and approaches to strengthen “team spirit” in communication with each other, as well as with other groups.


Informational content of the training

The team as a guarantee of business success

  • Criteria for team effectiveness
  • Internal and external customers and suppliers
  • Balance of relations and results
  • Stages of team development
  • Algorithm of teamwork

Personal contribution

  • Trust and responsibility: the two sides of the same coin.
  • Functional and team roles.
  • Personal contribution: when "third" not "excess" or "spare"

Effective interaction

  • Cooperation and competition: the balance of team and individual results.
  • Principles of effective communication in the team. Productive and unproductive behavior.
  • Approaches to the development of command decisions. Brainstorming.


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